hi… i am Rabiah, i m a nurse, i love my profession very much, its easy to share love and care to all patients i’ve met. i work since 1999 in General Hospital Mohammad Hoesin Palembang,  Indonesia. i love to work in Cardiology ward, it has fullfill my desire of chalenges and desire, i love being a usefull person. it was so great …. i hope this blog will bring much benefits to each visitor. have a nice day and keep the spirit. Bismillah!!


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  1. aliab2009 says:

    she is one of “anomaly student” in our class…really…but a good anomaly, how came?

    whatever its very nice to be your friend and to be your neighbor miss 🙂

  2. zhaleeya says:

    bu, have a nice day …

  3. ditha88 says:

    fotonya kurang banyak bu….

  4. ita says:

    ibu fotonya tambahin lg biar satu kelas ada semua he he he

  5. jfikriamrullah says:

    euh geuning gk bisa coment?

    • desi77 says:

      bisa fik.. kalo komen di blog ga bisa langsung tampil di display… tapi harus di approve dulu sama yg punya blog,, soalnya kalo ga gitu banyak yang bisa komen sembarangan di blog kita.. jd lebih protective lah.. selamet ngeblog yaaa.. jgn pernah putus memberi energi positif buat keperawatan… hidup NERS..

  6. Jo C. says:

    Hi, Desi. I am a student here in the United States. I am studying to be a physical therapist. I am on the eve of taking a test on the heart. I was looking for a good image of the waves on an EKG when I came upon your site. It was very informative and I am sure it will help me on my exam tomorrow.

    I read your “about me” blog. It is very inspiring to me. I can tell that you are a most giving, caring and kind person. What you wrote has inspired me. I have no doubt it has changed my life for the better.

    Thank you so much. 🙂


    • desi77 says:

      hi jo, glad to know u, i wish u’ll pass ur exam with max score…. and i m sure u’ll do… thank you for your visit, and i hope this blog really bring much more benefit to others, me my self will have my final exam too next week, wish me luck ok :), keep spirit, theres always be a way whenever theres a will…

  7. maman says:

    itu anak cek yo…?
    lh brpo taon umurnyo..?

    • desi77 says:

      itu azzam man… dio samo adek nyo dibawah asuhan cek sekarang.. Alhamdulillah, kk usia 6 tahun sd kls 1, adeknyo 5 tahun masih tk.. sementaro cek dibandung, mama yg urus…doaken smg amanah ini biso terus dijagoo biar jadi anak soleh n solehah… salam buat keluargo yo man… kapan2 kalu cek balek, maenlah ke rumah ajak anak istri… kangen rasonhyo la lamo dak silaturahmi..

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